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Fort Lauderdale Auto Restoration Specialists

At Corvette Country, we love cars and we know that you do, too. When you want your car restored to near perfection, you will need the help of a Fort Lauderdale auto restoration expert.

Why use us for your Corvette and muscle car restoration?

Because we are very good at doing it. You see, there are many fine auto mechanics around who can perform minor body work. They might even be handy at taking care of small dents and scratches. But when you want your car completely restored, you need a professional that has the experience to do it all and do it right. Plus, cars are our passion. To us, we can honestly say that this is not just a job. This is something that we enjoy.

Exterior and interior auto restoration experts

For your complete restoration project, you need someone that can restore both the interior and the exterior of your car. Corvette Country can make both the exterior and interior look as good as the day your car left the factory.


Completely Restored Corvette

Custom 66 Vette


Restored Auto Interior

Engine restoration

We know that in addition to making the interior and exterior look amazing, you are going to want to raise the hood and show off the engine. We all know how awesome your car will look with a clean and restored engine.


Hot Rod Restored engine